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Red Dead Redemption 2 Returns To The Spotlight With A Beautiful New Story Trailer

After a year of radio silence, it’s nice to finally see Red Dead Redemption 2 in action.



Can you believe that, at this point, we were all supposed to be playing Red Dead Redemption 2? Yes, Rockstar’s sequel was originally announced for release in “Fall 2017,” which would put it squarely for release within the next few months. Hell, if we’re basing the schedule off Rockstar’s last game (unbelievably still Grand Theft Auto V back in September 2013), we would have received the game like a week ago.

But Rockstar quietly delayed the game until 2018 back in May…which in and of itself was the first thing we heard about the sequel since its announcement back in 2016. Yes, Rockstar is not the most communicative of studios, which is a luxury you get when your games are some of the best selling of all time. Let’s just call it the “J.J. Abrams Effect.”

In any case, it’s been a quiet year for Red Dead Redemption 2, but I guess Rockstar and Take Two have finally figured out that, hey, maybe they should market their highly awaited products! Which leads us to this new story trailer, released earlier today. It’s not even two minutes long, but it represents our best look at the game thus far–and boy, what a look it is.

Just as beautiful as we all imagined it would be from the concept art and initial teaser, there’s actually a story to go along with all the prettiness this time around. Confirmed to be a prequel to the first game, the trailer puts new protagonist Arthur Morgan at its center. There’s not much to Morgan at this point, other than the fact that he looks sweet in a cowboy hat, and is very effective at lassoing up horses. This being Red Dead Redemption, that’s pretty much half the battle right there when it comes to making a compelling protagonist.

Rockstar describes the game as “”the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive.” If you remember the intricate details of a nearly eight year old game (or, like me, are willing to Google all the important stuff), you’ll recall that the Van der Linde gang was the group headed by Dutch van der Linde, one of the main antagonists of the original game. Main character John Marston was also a member of said gang, which served as the brunt of the conflict in the game’s latter half.

Of course, at this point, it’s safe to say that Marston is still a member of the gang, which means that it’s VERY possible a younger version of him could appear in Red Dead Redemption 2. That being said, the brunt of the story will be on Arthur Morgan, which will be interesting to see. The original game had the whole “bad character going good” thing to help propel its story forward (and provide the titular “Redemption”), but it’s too early to say from this trailer what exactly Morgan’s story will lead to. Other than a bunch of robbing, hunting, and shootin’. This is Red Dead Redemption, after all.

Anyways, I remain as stoked as ever to jump back into Rockstar’s majestic western world after such an engrossing trailer. Following nearly a decade of waiting, Spring 2018 can’t come fast enough.

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Matthew Legarreta is the Editor and Owner of Freshly Popped Culture. A big ol' ball of movie, TV, and video game loving flesh, Matthew has been writing about pop culture for nearly a decade. Matthew also loves writing about himself in the third person, because it makes him feel important (or something.)



The 25 Best Exploding Barrels in Video Game History, Ranked

Nothing is better in a video game than the flammable containers that go BOOM.



I’ve been doing these joke/comedy rankings for quite some time now; they’re trendy, easy to make, easy to read, and easy to turn the structure on its ear if need be. But most of the time I’m just injecting total satire and randomness into these arbitrary rankings, to make a point or to make a joke. This time, however, I did a ton of research and have scientifically come up with the definitive list of the best exploding barrels in video game history. There is no criteria, just total facts and nothing subjective. The barrels don’t even have to be red, or traditionally shaped, but it helps. As long as they explode and are generally barrels containing flammable contents, that counts. There were some games I cut because I couldn’t find an image or footage to support my case, but if that proof doesn’t exist is it really worth adding to this list?

The boxes from Crash Bandicoot do not count, they are crates, do not tell me they should go on this list on my Twitter.

DEAD LAST is Superman 64 aka whatever the hell this is

25. Trials endings when you explode sometimes

24. The Binding of Isaac

23. Sly 2

22. Bulletstorm

21. Scribblenauts

20. Area 51

19. Left 4 Dead

18. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

17. Crysis Physics

16. Borderlands 2

15. Quake II

14. Hydro Thunder: Gauntlet Race

13. Crackdown

12. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

11. Halo 2 and Halo 3

10. Far Cry 3

9. Painkiller

8. Red Faction: Guerilla

7. Donkey Kong Country (the living kind and the ones you throw both count)

6. Resident Evil 4

5. Black

4. Any Worms game, 2D or 3D

3. Just Cause 2 and 3

2. Half-Life 2 (especially when you use the gravity gun in Ravenholm)

1. Literally Any Doom

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The Greatest Quotes in Video Game History, Ranked by How Much Fun They Are to Say Out Loud

This is more about volume than how good the actual quotes are.



I have been slowly working on this for months, and had to really whittle this thing down, for a number of reasons. Not everything I wanted to list was on YouTube or Google Images. I also don’t really count song lyrics, or quotes from movies and TV shows (like The Simpsons) in any game based on other media. I also didn’t know how to format this insane idea, so you’re just going to have to walk with me on the road to crazy town, and enjoy the best and dumbest lines ever uttered or written in video game history. If I forgot anything, or snubbed something, just know that I probably tried to include it, gave up, and then didn’t in order to publish this before North Korea nukes us all before the end of the year. Enjoy!

The ‘Written But Not Spoken’ Silent Tier:

 Greatest Quotes in Video Game History

The ‘Quieter, More Famous Quotes’ Tier:

The ‘Louder, Sillier, More Goofy and Infamous Lines’ Tier :

The ‘Awesome to Imitate with Friends and Have a Laugh About’ Really Loud Tier:

The ‘Scream At The Top of Your Lungs, All Caps, Best’ God Tier Quotes :

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Level Design Hall of Fame: Super Meat Boy

Just in time for the sequel to get delayed to make this not timely at all.



I thought this video was made months ago as of this posting, and could still be watched and enjoyed forever, I felt compelled to post this because of the excitement I have over the announcement of Super Meat Boy Forever. Even though the game doesn’t have the sprint button anymore, and the levels are randomly generated, and Edmund McMillen left Team Meat…okay there is a very good chance the original Super Meat Boy remains the superior example of level design. So here it is being inducted into the Level Design Hall of Fame.

If you are so inclined, the link for my channel (where you can find other videos in the series) is here. And you can follow me on Twitter here.

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