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The Worst Words Used for Video Game Titles, Ranked

People who name video games are bad at it. Really bad. I mean…Anthem? Really?



I hate video game titles, and they often times are a reason people probably don’t think they are legitimate forms of entertainment/art. They get titled like movies, and toys, and I hate it. I hate it so much that I made a list of the best words used to name video games, from best to worst. I do not care if your favorite game has one of the words at the bottom of the list, this is just a comedy ranking of overused and ridiculous words that need to stop appearing on the front of boxes. Seriously, cut that shit out, video game industry.

161. The
160. Mario
159. Ball or Balls
158. Street or Streets
157. Stone or Stones
156. Katamari
155. Life
154. Half
153. Ghosts
152. Ghouls
151. Goblins
150. Game
149. Card
148. Soul or Souls
147. Earth
146. Paper
145. NBA
144. Hunt
143. Wild
142. Kombat
141. Mortal
140. Combat
139. Blood
138. Doom
137. 64
136. Knight
135. Island
134. All-Stars
133. Rapper
132. Cat
131. Dog
130. Night
129. Pinball
128. Red
127. Black
126. White
125. Blue
124. Snap
123. Poke or Pokemon
122. Evil
121. Resident
120. Blast

119. Head
118. Ninja
117. Assassin or Assassin’s
116. Rocket
115. Moon
114. Blitz
113. Rock
112. Mansion
111. Fall
110. Gun
109. Super
108. Ultra
107. Mega
106. Elite
105. Edition
104. HD
103. Agent
104. Tomb
103. Raider
102. Madden
101. Splinter
100. Murder
99. Kart

98. Odd
97. Strange or Stranger
96. Return or Returns
95. Zombie or Zombies
94. Race or Racing or Racers
93. Rhythm
92. Crazy
91. Taxi
90. Man
89. Boy
88. Baby
87. Psycho
86. Dead
85. Death
84. Dark
83. Band
82. Hell
81. Reload or Reloaded
80. Fear
79. Shadow
78. Space

77. Walk or Walking
76. Ice
75. Fire
74. Online
73. Sun
72. Star
71. Phantom
70. Cry
69. Sky or Skies
68. Rush
67. Run or Runner
66. Dungeon
65. Dragon
64. Collection
63. Quest
62. Horizon
61. Dawn
60. Zero
59. Of
58. Versus or Vs.
57. Simulator

56. Force
55. Iron
54. Lost
53. Odyssey
52. Unchained
51. Chain
50. Over
49. Honor
48. Cause
47. Just
46. Jam
45. Party
44. Pain
43. Zone
42. Duel or Duels
41. Cell or Cells
40. Echo or Echoes
39. Rise
38. Ryse
37. Epic
36. Gem or Gems

35. Superman
34. Deep
33. Guitar
32. Titan
31. Spider
30. Cloud
29. Empire or Empires
28. Crash
27. Land or Landers
26. Infinite or Infinity
25. Power
24. Duty
23. Call
22. Dance
21. War

20. Saga
19. God or Gods
18. Defense or Defend
17. Clicker
16. Memory or Memories
15. Adventure or Adventures
14. Wii
13. Age or Ages
12. Hero or Heroes
11. League

10. Hedgehog
9. Kingdom
8. Champions or Championship
7. World or Worlds
6. Legend or Legends
5. Warrior or Warriors
4. Remaster or Remastered
3. Born or Reborn
2. Sonic
1. Battle



The 25 Best Exploding Barrels in Video Game History, Ranked

Nothing is better in a video game than the flammable containers that go BOOM.



I’ve been doing these joke/comedy rankings for quite some time now; they’re trendy, easy to make, easy to read, and easy to turn the structure on its ear if need be. But most of the time I’m just injecting total satire and randomness into these arbitrary rankings, to make a point or to make a joke. This time, however, I did a ton of research and have scientifically come up with the definitive list of the best exploding barrels in video game history. There is no criteria, just total facts and nothing subjective. The barrels don’t even have to be red, or traditionally shaped, but it helps. As long as they explode and are generally barrels containing flammable contents, that counts. There were some games I cut because I couldn’t find an image or footage to support my case, but if that proof doesn’t exist is it really worth adding to this list?

The boxes from Crash Bandicoot do not count, they are crates, do not tell me they should go on this list on my Twitter.

DEAD LAST is Superman 64 aka whatever the hell this is

25. Trials endings when you explode sometimes

24. The Binding of Isaac

23. Sly 2

22. Bulletstorm

21. Scribblenauts

20. Area 51

19. Left 4 Dead

18. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

17. Crysis Physics

16. Borderlands 2

15. Quake II

14. Hydro Thunder: Gauntlet Race

13. Crackdown

12. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

11. Halo 2 and Halo 3

10. Far Cry 3

9. Painkiller

8. Red Faction: Guerilla

7. Donkey Kong Country (the living kind and the ones you throw both count)

6. Resident Evil 4

5. Black

4. Any Worms game, 2D or 3D

3. Just Cause 2 and 3

2. Half-Life 2 (especially when you use the gravity gun in Ravenholm)

1. Literally Any Doom

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The Greatest Quotes in Video Game History, Ranked by How Much Fun They Are to Say Out Loud

This is more about volume than how good the actual quotes are.



I have been slowly working on this for months, and had to really whittle this thing down, for a number of reasons. Not everything I wanted to list was on YouTube or Google Images. I also don’t really count song lyrics, or quotes from movies and TV shows (like The Simpsons) in any game based on other media. I also didn’t know how to format this insane idea, so you’re just going to have to walk with me on the road to crazy town, and enjoy the best and dumbest lines ever uttered or written in video game history. If I forgot anything, or snubbed something, just know that I probably tried to include it, gave up, and then didn’t in order to publish this before North Korea nukes us all before the end of the year. Enjoy!

The ‘Written But Not Spoken’ Silent Tier:

 Greatest Quotes in Video Game History

The ‘Quieter, More Famous Quotes’ Tier:

The ‘Louder, Sillier, More Goofy and Infamous Lines’ Tier :

The ‘Awesome to Imitate with Friends and Have a Laugh About’ Really Loud Tier:

The ‘Scream At The Top of Your Lungs, All Caps, Best’ God Tier Quotes :

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Level Design Hall of Fame: Super Meat Boy

Just in time for the sequel to get delayed to make this not timely at all.



I thought this video was made months ago as of this posting, and could still be watched and enjoyed forever, I felt compelled to post this because of the excitement I have over the announcement of Super Meat Boy Forever. Even though the game doesn’t have the sprint button anymore, and the levels are randomly generated, and Edmund McMillen left Team Meat…okay there is a very good chance the original Super Meat Boy remains the superior example of level design. So here it is being inducted into the Level Design Hall of Fame.

If you are so inclined, the link for my channel (where you can find other videos in the series) is here. And you can follow me on Twitter here.

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