[UPDATED] Rockstar Games Repaints Their Logo Red, And The Whole Gaming World Goes Insane


UPDATE 10–17–16: No longer content just to tease us with colors, the Rockstar Twitter feed is at it again with something that is DEFINITELY western themed. A setting sun, seven gunslingers, and yes, a blood red backdrop — if there was any doubt before that this is Red Dead related, there certainly isn’t now. Let’s see how far this teaser rabbit hole takes us.

The original story follows:

Rockstar Games might be one of the most well known developers on the planet, but they are certainly not the most active. It’s been three years since their last game, Grand Theft Auto V, and the studio (or more specifically studios — Rockstar is one of those weird studios with a bunch of different “mini studios” spread throughout the world) has given little indication on what they would be working on next. But of course the internet had already figured that out long ago: Red Dead Redemption 2 is almost certainly their next project, and the question has been “when” rather than “if” for a long time now. Thankfully the answer to the former question seems to be “soon.” Very, very soon.

That’s at least what I can garner from the below tweet, published by Rockstar’s Twitter feed earlier this morning:

On the surface, there’s nothing much to the tweet: just a picture of Rockstar’s standard logo, reskinned with a red tint. It doesn’t even feature a caption or anything to punctuate the image. But ah, do you remember the name of that series we were just talking about? RED Dead Redemption? The connotation is pretty obvious. Even without a more overt reference, it’s easy to see why something as small as this would cause such a stir. After all, the last Red Dead game was one of the most beloved of the last generation, and with Westworld currently the talk of the town (and my whole goddamn Twitter feed, it seems), the appetite for a good open world Western game has never been higher.

For what it’s worth, there’s no doubt in my mind this is indeed teasing a sequel, and after literal years of speculation, I’m ready to finally get a confirmation this game is coming out. Like I said, the tweet didn’t include a date or anything in which an announcement could arrive, but if we haven’t heard anything by the end of the week, I will be pretty damn surprised.