Don’t Worry Everyone, David Goyer is Writing Green Lantern Corps!

Oh, wait, actually…do the opposite of that.

2016 was not a fun year for the DC division of Warner Bros. On the one hand, their films made close to two billion dollars worldwide…but that was on the back of massive critical hatred. Hell, even the fan reaction seems divided: some people enjoyed Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and/or Suicide Squad, and some people thought they were terrible. One of the these two parties is unequivocally correct in their opinion, but that’s neither here nor there. In any case, reaction to this DCCU has been pretty much a dumpster fire, and that’s going to translate into backlash at the box office (if it hasn’t already.)

But as has been reported many times in the past, WB/DC are way too deep into this to change course now. They’re like a giant blimp slowly crashing to the ground, too cumbersome and momentous to change course now. All they can do is stir into the skid, and hope to god to save as many passengers as possible. And well at this point it would probably make sense to replace the pilots who initially lead the blimp into its current tailspin, WB can only brace themselves and hope for the best when it comes to this one. That’s why Zack Snyder is still directing Justice League and why, today, we now know that David Goyer will be co-writing the Green Lantern reboot Green Lantern Corps.

David Goyer is of course no stranger to the DC Universe of films — but in this case, that’s actually not a good thing. Goyer was the one to kick off the universe in such rocky state with his script for Man of Steel, and the results ended up speaking for themselves, if you ask me. In a failed attempt to right the ship after joining the universe, Ben Affleck had screenwriter Chris Terrio come and do a rewrite on Goyer’s original script for Batman v. Superman, which at the time felt like a godsend. Of course the reedited script still ended up being nonsense, but once again, neither here nor there. Well the awfulness of BvS was clearly a team effort, Goyer was part of said team, so he certainly gets points knocked off of his reputation. Add in his quite bad Blade: Trinity (which he also wrote!) and responsibility for some of the worst moments in the otherwise great Batman Begins, and Goyer has very much earned his reputation as a subpar, hit-and-miss writer of comic book movies. And that’s not even mentioning Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Jumper, etc.

But hey, you know what David Goyer ALSO has? A story credit on The Dark Knight, and Warner Bros. LOOOOOOOVES The Dark Knight. So despite his less-than-stellar reputation in the DC Universe so far, Warner Bros. was inevitably going to give him another shot. He must be one hell of a pitchman, right?

For what it’s worth, Goyer is thankfully not going solo on this one, as he’ll be teaming up with Justin Rhodes to write the script for the 2020 reboot. Rhodes doesn’t have a big studio credit on his resume yet, but that somehow still puts him in a better position than Goyer (zero is always better than a negative, after all.) Then again, Goyer is also going to produce the project alongside Geoff Johns who, hey, produced the last Green Lantern film too!

…Ben Affleck is still directing that Batman movie, right?