Paul Thomas Anderson. Daniel Day Lewis. New Film. 2017.

What do you need, a roadmap?

I‘ve been spending the last few months re-watching every film from Paul Thomas Anderson, one of my favorite directors of all time. Spending the year reliving his movies is truly a wonderful thing, and only further solidifes in my man how much of a genius the man really is. I don’t think he’s made a film yet that I didn’t fall in love with, and that level of dependability in Hollywood is a dime a dozen (it’s like him and Edgar Wright, basically.) Even if the man’s filmography only consisted of Boogie Nights and Punch Drunk Love (both on my Ten Favorite Films of All Time list), I would be a huge fan. But because it also features Hard Eight, Magnolia, The Master, Inherant Vice, AND There Will Be Blood — yeah, I’ll buy a ticket for pretty much anything from him.

There’s a 90% chance I would say similar things about one of my favorite actors, Daniel Day Lewis (although even I couldn’t stomach the muster to watch Nine.) And since the last time the pair teamed up they made a new American classic, well, I have to be excited about the new project they are apparently making together.

The as-of-yet untitled team-up between the two was rumored a few months ago, but made official this week when the distribution rights for the film went on sale at the Toronto International Film Festival. There we (or more accurately, Deadine) learned a little bit more about the film, with the project apparently taking place in 1950’s London, exploring the “ distinctive and surging milieu of the 20th century through the new movie — the couture world of 1950s London.”

Yeah, it’s certainly not the high drama premise of something like There Will Be Blood, but c’mon — this is the man who made the story of a weird guy’s quest to get free airline miles into one of the best movies of the millennium (in my UNDENIABLE AND TOTALLY ACCURATE opinion.) As I said before I trust both Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis a great deal, and the idea of them teaming up for something that sounds so very different from There Will Be Blood makes me even more intrigued about what this film will end up being. Then again, maybe the movie could end up being just as serious and dramatic as There Will Be Blood — just with, y’know, dresses and ties and stuff.