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10 Ways Epic Could Mess With Players For Fortnite’s April Fool’s Prank

We have some suggestions and, like the game itself, they are free to play.*

*Better jokes an additional $9.99.

Fortnite, the hottest game on the planet, has been scorching the earth on every conceivable platform with a screen attached to it. It’s destroying schools, it’s burning a hole in my pocket right now, and it’s bound to do something fun for every real and made up holiday going forward until the end of time. And since the game is so cheeky fun, with a great sense of humor, I wanted to predict the ways Epic could troll us all with Fortnite’s April Fool’s Prank. On the plus side I get those sweet sweet SEO clicks, like moths to a flame you’ll all fall for it. What a way to profit off of PlayerUnknown Battleground’s in such a roundabout way! Congrats Epic, you glorious hacks you.

Anyways, here’s what I believe could end up coming our way this Sunday, straight from the most popular rip-off Battle Royale mode around!

10. Only pick-axes

9. The storm just gets bigger, not smaller

8. Only the crappy guns, and no ammo for them

7. Care packages are empty

Fortnite's April Fool's Prank

6. Friendly fire is randomly turned on

5. Random bouncing grenades fall from the sky

4. No loot at tilted towers

3. You’re forced to dance after every single kill

2. Only single player mode is available

1. Servers force a queue wait time that just keeps restarting every 15 minutes, and you can’t actually play….oh, wait: nevermind. Uh, what about a nerf to the shotgun? LOL, they would never. Happy April Fool’s, everyone!

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