Freshly Popped Culture, Uh…Reheated?

Look, we’re relauching, okay? It’s a food pun–I got like a thousand of those, and I intend to use them all.

So, long time no see, internet…again.

Yes, it’s ironic: not more than a year ago, I found myself writing a blog post not so different from this. In that post (found here), I announced to the world the creation of this new entertainment website, a place primarily created to house all my thoughts about the world of entertainment. And, for the most part, it did that..albeit pretty infrequently in the last few months.

But, rest assured, there was a reason for that: all summer I’ve been working on a relaunch of sorts for the website, the primary purpose of which was moving the website from hosting on Medium back to a good ol’ self-hosted, WordPress run affair. Now of course I am no stranger to that interface: that was how I ran Geek Binge for the better part of three years, and it’s a system that, although certainly complex, I began to miss while writing on Medium. So I made the executive decision (like many other Medium-backed publications) to move back to self-hosting.

But, rest assured, Medium readers: I really like the platform, and I have no intention of turning my back on it. Which is why ALL posts (including the one you are reading right now, presumably) will be published on Medium in tandem with the actual website. They might not publish at exactly the same time or the same manner but, rest assured, this site can and will operate through both WordPress AND Medium. I just wanted to make sure the content I wrote and all future content would have a permanent home that I (and I only) control.

Of course doing that was far easier said than done and, with a mix of other things holding up my time, it took far longer to migrate the site to WordPress than I initially expected. Which is why Freshly Popped Culture was MIA for the better part of the summer. So let’s quickly recap all the events I missed in that time, huh?

  • Boy, that Trump guy is crazy, huh?
  • Wow, Wonder Woman’s box office!
  • Hey. a good Spider-Man movie, cool!
  • Pretty good season of Game of Thrones, amiright?
  • Rick and Morty is back, baby.
  • Ha, Emoji Movie! Dark Tower! Sony, what a bunch of clowns.
  • Eesh, not a great season of Game of Thrones, huh?
  • It certainly did pretty well, no?
  • Bojack Horseman, still awesome.
  • Bye bye, Colin Trevorrow!
  • Hello J.J., my old friend. Come to direct Star Wars again.
  • Really? Devin Faraci? C’mon.
  • The Emmys sure did happen.
  • Shoo, Sean Spicer! SHOO!

Yeah, think that about covers it. All the entertainment events of the last three months, concisely bulleted. You’re welcome.


But, rest assured, the next few months of pop culture will not be bulleted. It will be written out in long, ardous text posts. Or sometimes videos. But mostly text. And though I consider this a new chapter in the life of Freshly Popped Culture, this isn’t the end of it. I still have a lot of plans for the weeks ahead, and little changes that will be made to make for a better, fresher experience.

Yes, that was a pun on Freshly Popped Culture. I hate myself too.

Welcome back, everyone.